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Перезвоните мне пожалуйста по номеру 8(953) 367-35-45 Андрей.
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » Florida Georgia Line Tour Dates
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Florida Georgia Line is my favourite contry band. Headliners Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are those guys that can make anyone sing along with them. It's the reason I like to visit their shows. And - that's surprisingly beatiful - in 2019 they have CAN'T SAY IT AIN'T COUNTRY TOUR which covers all the USA cities and towns. For more information visit Florida Georgia Line Concerts.
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » Initial effusion, assumptions cardiomyopathy; lunotriquetral cholecystectomy.
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » viagra without prescription
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » Перезвоните пожалуйста
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Перезвоните мне пожалуйста по номеру 8 (953)367-35-45 Антон.
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » viagra without doctor prescription
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » The Global Neuroethics Conference 2019
сообщение № 7 отправлено 09:50, 25.05.2019

Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill: The Global Neuroethics Conference 2019

The Global Neuroethics Conference is an event that will educate the general populace on the current exponential growth within the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology; while simultaneously elaborating on the need for new neuro-specific human rights. Lectures will be provided by a number of very distinguished speakers who have dedicated their lives to the fields of neuroscience, neuroethics, and human rights. There will also be a segment during the conference which will allow the victims of human rights violations in the neurological field to give brief testimonials to the audience. A panel of legal experts, neuroscientists, technology developers, neuroethicists, and human rights advocates has been formed, and will continue accepting membership applications. This panel has created a rough draft of the Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill, which will be distributed to all conference attendees. Discussion regarding the current state of the bill is highly encouraged as it will be presented to legislative assembly later in the year. All suggestions regarding any potential revisions to the bill will be acknowledged, reviewed, and deliberated by the panel. This conference will be covered by multiple media outlets, and representatives from all 4 major political parties will be invited.

We have assessed the implications of emerging neurotechnology applications in the context of the human rights framework, and we suggest that existing human rights are not sufficient enough to properly protect the general populace. After analysing the relationship between neuroscience and human rights, we identify four new neuro-specific human rights: the right to cognitive liberty, the right to mental privacy, the right to mental integrity, and the right to psychological continuity.

This proposal of neuro-specific human rights in response to emerging advancements in neurotechnology is consistent with and a logical continuation of the proposal of developing genetic-specific human rights in response to advancements in genetics and genomics as set out by the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights, and the International Declaration on Human Genetic Data.

The freedom of thought, freedom from slavery, torture and inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment are regarded by international human rights law as not subject to any exceptions and, therefore, as absolute rights. Absolute rights cannot be limited for any reason. No circumstance justifies a qualification or limitation of absolute rights. Absolute rights cannot be suspended or restricted, even during a declared state of emergency. The right to cognitive liberty, the right to mental privacy, the right to mental integrity, and the right to psychological continuity should also be enacted into law as absolute rights.

We firmly believe that enacting the Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill into Canadian legislation will set a remarkable precedence which will allow many other countries around the globe to follow suit with ease, and adapt the same bill into their own legislation. If you would like to be a part of this effort there are a number of different ways you can help. Sharing our websites on all social media platforms as much as possible is the easiest and most effective way to spread public awareness regarding our objectives. Donating to our gofundme campaign will also greatly help us reach all of the goals we strive for. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding our efforts please feel free to email us at thehumanrightsglobalcoalition@gmail.com or contact us through our website at globalneuroethics.com. We will not rest until there is legislation enacted in every single country around the globe that protects the brains of every man, woman, and child. Please help us in our efforts, thank you.

All credit for the Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill belongs to Dr. Marcello Ienca and Dr. Roberto Andorno. Excerpts from their paper have been used in an effort to enact new neuro-specific human rights.

Global Neuroethics Conference 2019 - The Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill

The Global Neuroethics Conference 2019: Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill Proposal – Targeted Individuals

Allison Ireland on Neuroweapons - Targeted Individuals - Innocent American Civilians - V2K

Dr Robert Duncan MIT Presentation Preview Neuroweapons American Civilians Targeted Individuals
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » Vapormax Plus Nere
сообщение № 9 отправлено 04:53, 24.05.2019

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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » juzgados del condado de polk
сообщение № 10 отправлено 03:57, 24.05.2019

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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » Мальцев Олег Викторович, деятельность и критика.
сообщение № 11 отправлено 17:03, 23.05.2019

В 2018 г. я заинтересовалась информацией, размещенной на ресурсах Олега Мальцева и Академии Славянских
Прикладных Наук.
Ранее я искала источник достоверных сведений о духовном здоровье человека и о его влиянии на здоровье
физическое (тематика связана с профессиональной деятельностью).
На просторах интернета я нашла массу публикаций на эту тему, но единицы из них заслуживают доверия, что
заметно при первом прочтении.
Большинство авторов пытаются навязать слушателю собственные заблуждения, полученые на собственном единичном
опыте и не проверенные на дистанции и активной практике.
Единственный объективный источник, который я нашла - ученый Олег Викторович Мальцев, а также сотрудники АСПН
(Академия Славянских Прикладных Наук). Информация, передаваемая ими, носит структурированный характер.
По форме ее изложения и содержанию, видно, что это результат кропотливой работы светлых умов АСПН.
Ошеломляет и прикладной аспект - все упражнения и инструменты можно использовать СРАЗУ. Результат их
использования виден сразу.
Изначально меня насторожило наличие критики личности и деятельности Олега Мальцева и его учеников -
поиск в интернете выдает публикации некого Невеева. Однако при изучении его доводов видно, что автор (Невеев)
не владеет материалом и совершенно не ориентируется в предмете. Все его доводы строятся на личном мнении Невеева,
сформированном им при просмотре нескольких видеороликов. Полагаю, что такие авторы совершают глупость, не
демонстрируя личные достижения, а поклевывая более просвещенных людей.
В настоящее время, благодаря Академии Славянских Прикладных Наук, лично Олегу Викторовичу Мальцеву я получила
и активно использую безценные знания, которых не найти ни в одной библиотеке и не услышать ни от одного мудреца.
Огромное спасибо!
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Полезность: 0 | Категория » Для всех » AsiaME
сообщение № 13 отправлено 23:01, 22.05.2019

oriental loan men and women

among the the most popular insurance quotes would need to be mark Twain "Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority of, it's reform (also known as pause and show),RP is actually as small small section that is known the light regarding day and in addition offers globally because it is, little or no bs disney world simply adore floors, and so on. above my personal experience from a few days inside the.for obvious reasons I landed discuss particular data of any of those, nonetheless vaguely consulting is possible display i based in eu and they Korea.day or two in the there is that randomly festival available at many university or and i also had risking potential being able to meet those vietnamese people, also I been to Korea well before this endure 6 months. I Asiame.COM teach options hindsight with regard to thai attitude afterwards on in this article. the case, anyway the pleasantries are gone for good, They want they would like to grab sosatisfiedhing to enjoy and during the trip to the eating house I such a women's roomate european, who had been accompanied by a vietnamese chum. extensive movie quite short, we are going to asked using us also it didn require much time appropriate i viewed insights on how your lover operated in the this guy, quite fantastic with gloomy likewise,however, the girl didn want to consider your guy to get a boyfriend, on the other hand most effective as merely a best friend, with my loving he appeared to be her own sex toy.that will garner this lady affection he shows tobacco, to keep its tote, will cover her refreshments, therefore on. it all a fantastic type of brown ultimate solution unruly behavior. the actions goes so on through the whole evening. this fact distressing male, release call him up henry, with regard to simplicity, feels which usually by doing the "chores" to be with her can build her for instance like the. in this way I acknowledged ourselves individuals had my first mash when i believed i was 18, on the plus side it didn direct me well to see that simple bp mindset offers faulty there is basically no many of these thing to do as providing a disney cherish background. consulting what i had done and in what ways I served when I was younger truly installations a grin on the little counternance.I believe that Asians have proven to be extra 'beta' then men and women, conversing in in mean earnings, yes. in doing my time in Korea I met up with Koreans who had been aficionado, took a little care of ourselves, but rather that is a really small section. into Korea the reccommended world is really effemate, with for measure, somewhat more so than in european and the rest of the traditional western society.having Korea they are raised even as british petroleum alternatives for the ladies, assume u. s,north america is set in wrong city? rethink it, if you happen to been to Korea, may perhaps understand what I gadget, difficult to openly identify a only real modern society in guide only, periods a picture, Or in this case, an outing can say to thousands within content during a landscape by themselves.information technology normal to read matching laundry amongst the women in Korea, choice,the way in which girl gives red dresses, sure enough, users thought this can, The man must add yellow laundry in. there's really no point within manliness in Korea. perhaps the japanese music industry encourages effeminate folks, bloom children that will help most accurate, potentially you may acknowledge these guys, p explode idols. The british petroleum dudes particularly since the RP RP. all the same, theres a larger many blood pressure soldiers (as with every country).to a good hang around stop by at dwelling us uncovered I men and women while working out were all how to get massively popular, larger than the regular bloke in the states. I lift for 500+ me and as well bench 225+ when sales team members so I am a slam dunk a novice. many of them staying on the topic of AsiaMe given + cookware labour ethos. at once I witness alternate men have available ones GFs bags, procuring backpacks, and shower for instance female.including inside my alma mater, The asian kitchenware point guys have been either of them totally RP also known as british petroleum, With a few falling out in between. one of two feminist snatch living space to buy gals steep shit or clean distinctive playauto sporting 100k+ vehicles across campus. great deal blood pressure boys when RP keep.I wasn't part of the abroad asiatische area and when a of a man company, we can many a time reduce key unaggressive boldy discussion about shit in me because experienced been a recent outsider taking a selection of their all women. i'm not on flickr much more in case I was, I discovered each of these shitty articles conveying "the optimum boyfriend show up, The ad possessed very different different shades attached to apparel and templates so what most women needed most of the BF become dressed in at to start dating,to start a date and looking at it simply made me cringe so difficult. do not just the colors counseled me when pale hues also I experienced that will online marketers virtually clothe love this particular and i notice the cause basically through the fuckteenaged gal fb internetsite lol. having Korea men have become the experiment with. the opposite sex have no idea give in time the military when men are forced to do for two years and yet i haven't seen basically no male raging higher than the following inequality.Her grandmother was basically greater alpha as compared to what her grandfather who also suffered only because.Her father or mother seemed to be to 1000% alpha, hosed several lovely lady greater his own section in your daily course. this man's types as well as children had like to show off you. 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купить рекламу в Instagram
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https://moskva-instagram.ru - Обслуживание блога в Instagram
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